Exterior Curtain Wiring Detector Paradox

Detector Cabaldo Cortina exterior; independent anti-mask detection for each side; IV active detection to detect sprays or elements which plugs the detector within a 25cm field; 2 IR each side of the dual element 8 narrow beams of detection 3a12m; Two operating modes: 2 can report the side 1 single zone or 2 independent zones (2 relay outputs); double tamper, wall and lid; It is not necessary to dismantle the circuit to connect the detector; Local update firmware by connecting a serial port; Degree 2, class IV; feeding: 9-15Vdc; Consumption: with relay outputs: 14,4but / 58but / in bus with EVO: 37but / 80but; Dimensions: 21x11x7cm.

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