GSM communicator GC-22 Nibble

Communication is innate and vital in human life. And different ways to communicate, from the most remote times, supported technological development, allow bringing people, offer better comfort levels, provide control and security of persons and property, and whatever else the imagination permits.

Communicators GSM / GPRS GC, endowed with the latest mobile technology, offer monitoring and control in time sure what happens in your home or business, remotely, via your mobile phone, in a safe way, not transferable.

main Features

  • wide range of models
  • GSM Quadband
  • Access protected by PIN code
  • Backup telephone line
  • GSM simulators
  • transparently for control panels
  • Home automation functions


  • simple and intuitive interface assembly.
  • Protection of persons and property
  • Opening and closing doors, windows and shutters distance..
  • Put in place the appliances.
  • Simulate the presence of the owners, eg lighting.
  • Integrate the security system and the GSM communicators system
  • Promoting Safety, comfort and closeness.
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