AJAX CombiProtect (Black and white)


AJAX Combi Protect combines the functions of two intrusion detectors – motion detector and glass break detector.
It detects the first step of a human intruder on site at a distance of up to 12 m and records broken glass at a distance of up to 9 m window, but ignores the pet movement, air currents and air conditioners.
Installation is simple. With one click, it connects to the AJAX Hub the mobile application, and it can be mounted on SmartBracket in minutes.
  1. Cores: White / black
  2. Type of detector: wireless
  3. Use: Indoor
  4. Motion detection distance: up until 12 m (39,4 feet)
  5. Motion glass break sensitivity: 3 adjustable levels (low, medium, alto)
To know more, see the datasheet.
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