AJAX Button

The button immediately notifies an alarm monitoring company of the intrusion, gas leak or fire. Besides that, she can request medical help and inform relatives of a sudden deterioration in health with just one click. In panic mode, the device supports 4 types of alarms. They define the event code sent to an alarm monitoring company and the notification text received by users. An accurate alarm response is guaranteed. Besides that, Button can manage smart home appliances by activating scenarios with just one or two clicks.

  • Panic button
  • Fire alarm
  • Gas Leak
  • Medical alert button
  • Smart home management

No false alarms
The body of the Ajax Button is designed to prevent false alarms, even if you sit or lie on it. To avoid further false alarms, you can put the Button to react with just a double click or a long press.

Ensures alarm delivery
The Ajax panic button communicates with a hub using the Jeweler's radio protocol over a distance of up to 1300 m. Once it sounds an alarm, you will see a blink of green eyes. The jeweler encrypts all transmitted data. In case of signal interference or radio interference, the Ajax system changes the radio frequency and notifies you, just like the security company, about the situation.

  • Signal range up to 1300 m
  • Command delivery confirmation
  • Encryption with a modified AES algorithm
  • Frequency hopping



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