FIREWALL entrance panel PB-A Embed NIBBLE

A fast acting in signaling of a fire can avoid a disaster situation.

for such, the operating panels Drive FIREWALL-PB Manual provide a simple and intuitive interface, and transmitting the alert to the immediate Central. Designed for conventional fire detection systems are available in two models of operation: Type A and Type B. And they can be configured for intrusion systems or fire.

The red operating panel sober combines its mounting versatility with a simple and elegant design, differentiator and value added element in any installation.

main Features

  • FIREWALL PB Tipo A (direct action)
  • FIREWALL PB Tipo B (indirect action)
  • Intrusion (direct contact)
  • Fire (de loop current)
  • performance signaling for high-brightness LED
  • Key reset


  • As standards EN54-11 (DPC)
  • Direct activation of the alarm
  • mounting versatility: or recessed surface
  • stylish design
  • simple and intuitive interface assembly
  • Ease of rearmament
  • Protection to prevent accidental tipping drive
  • fast and professional after-sales support
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