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Wheat Sirene 3 Lyra

Wheat Sirene 3 Lyra


  • Continuous frequency modulated sound
  • anti-sabotage and removal of the cap wall removal Protection
  • acoustic or visual alarm input for negative or positive injection
  • Separate entrance to Flash
  • backup battery support 6V 1.3Ah (not included)
  • Time controlled by actuating trigger input, or the standalone 3 min. or 15 min
  • standby signaling LED panel
  • Performance LED's and piezo in estadoarmado / disarmed
  • easy and versatile installation
  • environmental immunity



Sirene Interior Endereçavel Global Fire


Sounder Indoor Addressable, with isolator.


Sirene Interior Endereçavel Global Fire


Addressable siren in detector base with built-in Flash and loop isolator.



Sirene XTEC RGB Tecnimaster

Sirene XTEC RGB Tecnimaster

Designed for outdoor siren with modern design.

Available in several colors. RGB LEDs that allow the use of various colors and formats.

Easy to handle and suitable for any installation: housing, industry and other buildings.



  • Versatile solution with excellent cost ratio, benefit and reliability.
  • Ideal for installations in all types of conditions, even the most adverse.
  • Rugged design with UV protection.
  • Siren with 1 piezo /115dB
  • Powerful RGB LEDs for sophisticated imaging.


Kind: Sirene de Exterior

Sound level: 115 dB

No. of Pieces: 1 Piezo

Tons: two Tone

Consumption: 210but (alarm)

Drums: NIMH (included)

Dimensions (mm): 270x260x65

feeding: 12 or 24V

Cor Tampa: White and black

Base Color: White and black

Cor Slow: Translucent

LEDs RGB: Many colors



Base from sirens – Polycarbonate V0

Tampa da siren – Polycarbonate V0


OBS. Other colors available on request