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Ajax StreetSiren DoubleDeck

AJAX StreetSiren DoubleDeck

All the technology and security of the Ajax System with your company logo

The StreetDiren DoubleDeck is the new outdoor siren from the Ajax System.

In less than a second, LED and sound indicators are activated to report an invasion.

Heat resistant, frio, rain and snowfall, the siren has an IP54 rating and can be installed outdoors without cover.

The device does not need to be disassembled before installation, which is easily done through the app.

Personalize the cover of StreetSiren DoubleDeck with your company logo and I won another means of publicizing your brand.

Classification: Warning device with LED indicators (external sirens)
Mermaid type: Wireless
Installation method: Exterior Interior
Compatibility: Operates with all Ajax hubs, and reach extenders
Notification type: Sound / light
Sound volume level: Adjustable, 85-113 dB at a distance of 1 m
Alarm duration: Adjustable, 3-180 s
Armed / disarmed status indication: Available
Energy supply: Drums:
Four CR123A batteries, 3 V
Electricity supply: DC 12 V±20%
Battery life: Up until 5 years
Radio technology: Communication range with the central unit – up until 1.500 m in an open space
Bidirectional communication between devices
Operating frequencies – 868,0-868,6 MHz
Self-adjusting RF output power – up until 25 mW
Block encryption based on the AES algorithm
Detection search period – 12-300 s
Temperature sensor: Available
Operating temperature range: De -25 ° C and + 60 ° C
Permissible humidity: Up until 95% from
Input protection rating: IP54
Anti-sabotage:Counterfeiting prevention
Jam detection
Tamper resistant
Remote configuration and testing
Available in
200 × 200 × 51 mm
Weight: 528 g
Certification: DSTU EN 50131, In compliance with the requirements of the technical regulations governing radio equipment
Cor: White black
Warranty: Replacement and repair within 24 months from the date of sale. Batteries are not covered by the warranty.
Complete set:
StreetSiren DoubleDeck
SmartBracket mounting panel
4 CR123A batteries (pre-installed)
Installation set
user's Guide

AJAX day

AJAX day


Encrypted contactless keypad for KeyPad Plus keyboard.

The Tag is copy-protected and allows you to manage security modes without a password, user account and access to the Ajax app.

A Tag can be linked to 13 hubs.

The connection is simple, made through the app.

The system administrator has full control through the app and can configure the name and access permissions for each command, revoke or restrict permissions in real time. All actions are recorded in the event log.

Cores: Black and white.

Ajax uartBridge

AJAX uartBridge (Black and white)


A module for integrating Ajax detectors in external security and intelligent home systems from other manufacturers.

A wireless network Ajax intelligent detectors and insurance can be added to the external security system or residential intelligent system through a UART interface.

  • communication interface with the central unit: UART (speed 57,600 Bd)
  • Use: Indoor
  • radio signal strength: 25 mW
  • Communication protocol: Jeweler (868 or 915 MHz depending on the country of delivery)
  • Maximum distance between a detector and a wireless receiver uartBridge: 2000 m (6552 ft) (in open area)
  • Maximum number of connected devices: 85
  • Interference Detection: sim
  • Software update: sim



Ajax WallSwitch

AJAX WallSwitch (Black and white)


remote control for home appliances
League / off appliances and tracks their energy consumption through a mobile application or a web browser.

  • Use: Indoor
  • actuating: relay
  • life relay: 200.000 switches
  • Supply voltage: 110-240 V AC ± 10% 50 / 60Hz
  • voltage protection for mains 230 V: Max 264V, min 161V
  • voltage protection for mains 110 V: max. 126 V, my. 77 V



Barreira Exterior 100Mt Bentel


Bentel active infrared barrier. Transmitter and receiver with exterior cover for 100mt. 4 Channel selector frequencies. Dual beam technology. Dwell time adjustable beam. feeding: 10 a 18V. consumption 80mA. IP54 protection. dimensions 100x175x70mm.


Barreira Exterior 60Mt Bentel


Bentel active infrared barrier. Transmitter and receiver with exterior cover for 60mt. 4 Channel selector frequencies. Dual beam technology; Dwell time adjustable beam. feeding: 10 a 18V. consumption 78mA. IP54 protection. dimensions 100x175x70mm.