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Now everyone can enjoy Ajax Systems security and convenience: motorhomes, cars and boats.
The 12V PSU is a 12V power supply that allows you to connect the Hub to low voltage networks or a portable battery.
Compatible with Ajax Hub 2, the 12V PSU is installed in the device body, replacing the power supply of 110/230 V pre-installed.

Technical specifications

Compatibility: Hub 2
Input voltage: 8-20 V DC
Output voltage: 4.8 V ± 3%
Switch-on voltage: 8 V ± 2.5%
Switch-off voltage: 6.9-7.5 V (depending on load)
Input current: <1 A
Output current: 1,5 A
Connection: Socket: 6,5 × 2 mm / Plug: 5,5 × 2,1 mm (power jack)
Dimensions: 98 × 70 × 17 mm
Weight: 28 g
Complete set: 12V PSU for Hub 2 / Terminal adapter / Quick guide
AJAX Button

AJAX Button

The button immediately notifies an alarm monitoring company of the intrusion, gas leak or fire. Besides that, she can request medical help and inform relatives of a sudden deterioration in health with just one click. In panic mode, the device supports 4 types of alarms. They define the event code sent to an alarm monitoring company and the notification text received by users. An accurate alarm response is guaranteed. Besides that, Button can manage smart home appliances by activating scenarios with just one or two clicks.

  • Panic button
  • Fire alarm
  • Gas Leak
  • Medical alert button
  • Smart home management

No false alarms
The body of the Ajax Button is designed to prevent false alarms, even if you sit or lie on it. To avoid further false alarms, you can put the Button to react with just a double click or a long press.

Ensures alarm delivery
The Ajax panic button communicates with a hub using the Jeweler's radio protocol over a distance of up to 1300 m. Once it sounds an alarm, you will see a blink of green eyes. The jeweler encrypts all transmitted data. In case of signal interference or radio interference, the Ajax system changes the radio frequency and notifies you, just like the security company, about the situation.

  • Signal range up to 1300 m
  • Command delivery confirmation
  • Encryption with a modified AES algorithm
  • Frequency hopping



Ajax CombiProtect

AJAX CombiProtect (Black and white)


AJAX Combi Protect combines the functions of two intrusion detectors – motion detector and glass break detector.
It detects the first step of a human intruder on site at a distance of up to 12 m and records broken glass at a distance of up to 9 m window, but ignores the pet movement, air currents and air conditioners.
Installation is simple. With one click, it connects to the AJAX Hub the mobile application, and it can be mounted on SmartBracket in minutes.
  1. Cores: White / black
  2. Type of detector: wireless
  3. Use: Indoor
  4. Motion detection distance: up until 12 m (39,4 feet)
  5. Motion glass break sensitivity: 3 adjustable levels (low, medium, alto)
To know more, see the datasheet.
Be sure to contact us. We always have the best solution.



AJAX FireProtect Plus

AJAX FireProtect Plus (Black and white)

Wireless fire detector with temperature and carbon oxide sensors that monitors security in the room twenty-four hours a day and immediately notifies dangerous levels of CO, smoke and sudden temperature jumps.

  • Authentication to prevent forgery
  • Jamming detection and communication channels encryption
  • Tampering alarm
AJAX HomeSiren

AJAX HomeSiren (Black and white)

Internal wireless siren that notifies loudly about an alarm during the activation of the detector. It is installed indoors to warn of danger or stop intruders.

  • Authentication to prevent forgery
  • Jamming detection and communication channels encryption
  • Tampering alarm

Operation principle
The device notifies the detector activation with an audible alarm. The sound level and the length of the alarm are defined in the mobile application.

External LED connector is available. It can be mounted outside your apartment or office to monitor the status of the security system.

Installation and configuration
Ready to operate directly from the box: the battery is already installed, therefore, there is no need to dismantle the siren. With one click, it can be connected to the hub in the mobile application. It can be mounted on the SmartBracket in just a few minutes.


Classification: Radio channel safety probe
Mermaid type: Wireless
Installation method: Interior
Compatibility: Operates with all Ajax hubs, and reach extenders
Notification type: As
External LED connector: Available
Sound volume level: Adjustable, 81-105 dB at a distance of 1 m
Alarm length: Adjustable, 3-180 s
Armed / disarmed status indication: Sim
Alarm signal delivery time: 0.15 s
Energy supply: Drums: Two CR123A batteries, 3 V
Battery life: Up until 5 years



Ajax Hub 2

Ajax Hub 2 (Black and white)

Classification The radio channel central unit with the support of visual alarm verification detectors
Installation Indoors
Connected devices 100
Video surveillance support Up to 25 cameras or DVRs
Users 50
Rooms 50
Security groups 9
Connected ReX 5
Scenarios 32
MotionCam detectors support +
Communication channels
Two 2G SIM-cards
Alarm signals
Delivery time: 0.15 sec
Notification types: SMS, call, push-notification
Switching between the SIM-cards 4 minutes
CMS connectivity Contact ID, SIA
The speed of alarm delivery to the CMS Instant
Operating system OS Malevich
Power supply
Main supply: 110-240 V
Battery backup: Li-Ion 2 A h
Up to 16 hours of offline operation when the Ethernet is switched off
Energy consumption from the grid — 10 Wh
Jeweller radio technology
Communication range with detectors — up to 2,000 m in an open space
Two-way communication between devices
Operating frequencies — 868,0 – 868,6 MHz
Self-adjusting RF output power — up to 25 mW
Block encryption based on AES algorithm
Detector polling period — 12−300 s
Frequency hopping
Wings radio technology
Transmission of visual confirmations
Delivery verification of packages
Operating temperature range
From −10°С to +40°С
163 × 163 × 36 mm
362 g
Replacement and repair within 24 months of the date of sale. Batteries are not covered under warranty.
Complete set
Ajax Hub 2 intelligent control panel
SmartBracket mounting panel
Power cable
Ethernet cable
Installation kit
SIM card (depending on region)
User’s guide