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FIREWALL entrance panel PB-A Embed NIBBLE

FIREWALL entrance panel PB-A Embed NIBBLE


A fast acting in signaling of a fire can avoid a disaster situation.

for such, the operating panels Drive FIREWALL-PB Manual provide a simple and intuitive interface, and transmitting the alert to the immediate Central. Designed for conventional fire detection systems are available in two models of operation: Type A and Type B. And they can be configured for intrusion systems or fire.

The red operating panel sober combines its mounting versatility with a simple and elegant design, differentiator and value added element in any installation.

main Features

  • FIREWALL PB Tipo A (direct action)
  • FIREWALL PB Tipo B (indirect action)
  • Intrusion (direct contact)
  • Fire (de loop current)
  • performance signaling for high-brightness LED
  • Key reset


  • As standards EN54-11 (DPC)
  • Direct activation of the alarm
  • mounting versatility: or recessed surface
  • stylish design
  • simple and intuitive interface assembly
  • Ease of rearmament
  • Protection to prevent accidental tipping drive
  • fast and professional after-sales support
Central Firewaal Nibble

Central FirewaI Nibble 2/4/8/16K

This NIBBLE alarm system is a key element in preventing fires.

It consists of a conventional system models with models 2, 4, 8 e 16 areas, supporting up 32 detectors per zone.

Together with the new call points FIREWALL PB-A, this is a powerful system that combines reliability and efficiency, as regulated by European standard EN54, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a high quality protection system.


Four distinctive features


1. automátivo test:
The center has a test mode capable of restarting after the occurrence of an alarm allowing the system to be tested by only one person.


2. intelligent configuration:
The control unit may be configured to fit any detector, pushbutton or termination resistor. That way, you can substitute another central fire detection by the central NIBBLE without the need to change the existing circuit.


3. maintenance notice:
In order to ensure the safety of its facilities, the central notified whenever it is necessary to make the system scan. The maintenance period can be set.


4. auxiliary outputs open collector:
For each zone an auxiliary output is available that can be configured to signal an alarm or a failure detected in the corresponding zone. These open collector outputs can control currents up to 500mA.


Nibble GC-26

Universal communicator GC-36 NIBBLE


  • controlling access
  • On and off the alarm system
  • Connection to the central recetoras
  • Trigger alarm events in case of intrusion, (p.ex. activation of sirens, lighting, download shutters, etc.) after the safety system activation
  • Simulate the presence of people by lighting schedule (You can only have an action-reaction.)


  • Control and program lighting and blinds
  • Opening / closing doors and / or gates
  • Integration and control of all equipment in a single interface


  • Controlling and managing electronic and mechanical systems (p.ex. System irrigation gas and water)
  • Manage and monitor remotely the equipment of an industry


  • Controlling and managing the HVAC systems


  • Gas, including leakage
  • Water, including floods
  • CO2, particularly high levels
  • Temperature, changes in controlled systems (p.ex. refrigerating coffers)
  • Fire detection systems
  • Malfunctions in equipment (p. ex: industrial machines, conservation and refrigeration equipment)


  • Switching on and / or off distance, any lighting
  • Programming function lighting motion detection
  • energy consumption reduction