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Base Standard MB-00012Conventional APO for ORBIS APOLLO

Base Standard MB-00012Conventional APO for ORBIS APOLLO


Orbis LX base has two slots for fixing screws spaced 51 e 69 mm.

The detectors in the base fit only one way and requires no rotation force clockwise in order to be connected.

Key Features

  • One way fit
  • Detector locking mechanism
Apollo Botoneira

Apollo Botoneira


The manual call point Smart is designed to operate in a loop of intelligent fire detection devices.

An alarm is initiated by pressing the resettable element.

The manual call point signals to the machine control and indication using an interrupt feature in Apollo digital protocol.

An alarm status is indicated by the rotation of the reconfigurable element, displaying yellow and black indication bars and a solid red LED.

The manual call point can be easily reset by using the provided front reset button.

key features

  • resettable operating element
  • Easy access, Front reset mechanism
  • System for fitting and installation Z
  • ergonomic reset button
  • Certified in 54-11 the AND 54-17
  • visible LED 170 °
  • continuity link for cable insulation tests
  • Suitable for semi-embedded or surface mount
OP-12001APO Conventional Optical Detector ORBIS APOLLO

Optical Detector OP-12001APO Conventional ORBIS APOLLO


The Orbis optical smoke detector operating with well-established principle of light scattering.

The used detection technology is radically different from previous optical detectors and significantly reduces false alarms.

key features

  • Responds well to slow-burning, steaming fires
  • Good performance in black and white smoke
  • transient rejection algorithms reduce false alarms
  • automatic offset compensation with DirtAlert®, a flashing yellow LED, to easily identify dirty detectors
  • The red LED flashing at startup confirms that the device is working.
  • SensAlert®, LED blinking amber indicates a failed operation
  • The FasTest® takes only four seconds to test and confirm that the detectors are working properly
  • The DustDefy system prevents the entry of dust while maintaining airflow