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Base 45681-210APO with XP95 APOLLO Addressing

Base 45681-210APO with XP95 APOLLO Addressing



A ground connection is not required for safety or proper operation of detectors. The ground terminal (terra) It is isolated and is provided for an orderly termination grounded shielding conductors or cables and maintaining the continuity of the earthing, when necessary.

All terminals are marked according to their function.

The bases have a large inner diameter for easy access to cables and terminals and there are two slots for fixing screws. The grooves allow two screws are located at a spacing of 51 a 69 mm.

The detectors fit only the bases in a manner, unobstructed, and require rotation clockwise without pushing force to be connected.

key features

  • XPERT addressing
  • unidirectional adjustment detector
  • lock feature to prevent unauthorized removal of the detector
Analog entrance panel SA5900-908APO with XP95 APOLLO Isolator

Analog entrance panel SA5900-908APO with XP95 APOLLO Isolator


electric Description

The point of intelligent manual call is loop powered and operates on 17-35V dc.


The address of each call point is set in the commissioning stage by means of a DIL switch.

A solid red alarm LED is provided in the manual call point. This LED is controlled irrespective of the point of call, Control panel. The LED will flash yellow if there is a fault and flashes green when the device is searched. Discovery and configurable CoreProtocol.

Once activated, intelligent manual call point can be reset by inserting the reset button on the LED facing forward, turning clockwise until a positive click and redefinition occur.

The intelligent manual call point incorporates a short circuit isolator to ensure its operation in case of a short circuit in the circuit. The isolator operation is indicated by a solid yellow LED. For more details on the insulator, see data sheet PP2090, available upon request.

This manual call point helps reduce installation time, For all the initial installation cable is connected to a removable terminal block that fits perfectly on the back of the manual call point.

Mechanical construction

The call point components are molded in a fire resistant polycarbonate.


Compatible with XP95, Discovery e CoreProtocol

Backward compatibility

The smart manual call point will work with compatible Apollo control equipment using the XP95 protocols, Discovery and digital CoreProtocols.

EMC Directive 2014/30 / EU

The point of intelligent service manual complies with the essential requirements of the EMC Directive 2014/30 / EU, provided it is used as described.

A copy of the Declaration of Conformity is available from Apollo, upon request.

Compliance intelligent manual call point with the EMC Directive does not confer compliance with the policy on any device or system connected to it.

Regulation of construction products 305/2011

The point of intelligent service manual complies with the essential requirements of Regulation of construction products 305/2011.

A Performance Statement copy is available at the Apollo, upon request.

Product Info

The manual call point Smart is designed to operate in a loop of intelligent fire detection devices. An alarm is initiated by pressing the resettable element. The manual call point signals to the machine control and indication using an interrupt feature in Apollo digital protocol. An alarm status is indicated by the rotation of the reconfigurable element, displaying yellow and black indication bars and a solid red LED. The manual call point can be easily reset by using the provided front reset button.

key features

  • resettable operating element
  • Easy access, Front reset mechanism
  • System for fitting and installation Z
  • ergonomic reset button
  • Certified in 54-11 the AND 54-17
  • visible LED 170 °
  • continuity link for cable insulation tests
  • Suitable for semi-embedded or surface mount
Optical Detector 55000-600APO Analog XP95 APOLLO

Optical Detector 55000-600APO Analog XP95 APOLLO


The optical smoke detector XP95 uses an infrared LED pulsing internal.

In the Clean Air Act, the photo-diode in XP95 detector does not receive light from the LED and produces a corresponding analog signal.

The signal increases when smoke enters the chamber and the light is scattered in the photo diode. The optical smoke detector has an LED indicator that emits red light when the detector is in alarm.

Brand Features

  • Alarm flag for fast alarm reports
  • alarm address for quick location of the alarm
  • XPERT card addressing 7
  • electronics free base
  • easy installation
  • stylish design

key features

  • Responds well to fires in slow, smoldering combustion
  • Suitable for bedrooms and escape routes
  • It is not affected by wind or atmospheric pressure
Thermospeed Detector 55000-400APO Analog. XP95 APOLLO

Thermospeed Detector 55000-400APO Analog. XP95 APOLLO


The Termovelocimétrico XP95 detector monitors the temperature using a single temperature sensor which provides an output proportional counting the outdoor air temperature.

The XP95 line has two detectors Termovelocimétricos, standard and high temperature.

The default Termovelocimétrico detectore is classified as an A2S device and reports an alarm 55 ° C.

O high temperature detector, classified as a CS device, reports an alarm 90 ° C.

key features

  • Ideal for dirty environments or smoke under normal conditions
  • Suitable for warehouses, and charging parking bays
  • It is not affected by wind or atmospheric pressure