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Fire barrier with reflector 100M


Fire Barrier IR reflective beam GST C-9105R. Scope 8 a 100 meters. Consumption: 35mA at 24VDC.

Base Global High Addressable Fire


High base for detectors series ZEOS.


Base Alta Unipos


High base for the series detectors 8000. (You need to include universal base).

Mounting Base Smart Apollo

Apollo intelligent mounting base



A ground connection is not required for safety or proper operation of detectors. The ground terminal (terra) It is isolated and is provided for an orderly termination grounded shielding conductors or cables and maintaining the continuity of the earthing, when necessary.

All terminals are marked according to their function.

The bases have a large inner diameter for easy access to cables and terminals and there are two slots for fixing screws. The grooves allow two screws are located at a spacing of 51 a 69 mm.

The detectors fit only the bases in a manner, unobstructed, and require rotation clockwise without pushing force to be connected.

key features

  • XPERT addressing
  • unidirectional adjustment detector
  • lock feature to prevent unauthorized removal of the detector

Base Endereçavel Global Fire


Base for detectors series ZEOS.


Base LX Orbis

Base LX Orbis


Orbis LX base has two slots for fixing screws spaced 51 e 69 mm.

The detectors in the base fit only one way and requires no rotation force clockwise in order to be connected.

Key Features

  • One way fit
  • Detector locking mechanism