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Homeit Box

Homeit Box

No more problems with lost keys. The Homeit turns the lock housing a local intelligent lock.
You can create access keys for guests through the online platform, that can be used on keyboards Homeit Pad, the APP by phone or by SMS.
The Homeit makes your Guest accommodation management easier.
  • Opens doors remotely.
  • Connect to the intercom so you can also open the front door.
  • Records activity – the input and output times are recorded, as well as the access key used.
  • easy installation – Home Box and the Home Pad can be glued or screwed to the wall, as the user wants.
  • wireless connection – it is not necessary to pass cables. The Home Box connects to the router via Wi-Fi and the men Pad bluetooth.
  • Syncs with the calendar AirBnB.
  • Check-in information in the APP.
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Homeit Nuke

Homeit Nuke Smat Lock

The Homeit is adaptable to various types of locks and also offers the possibility to install the Smart Lock Nuki, which is compatible with many formats.
The Nuki Smart Lock is easy to install and connect to the Homeit Box.
  • It is mounted in the cylinder.
  • It can be installed on 3 minutes.
  • After installation is possible to open and close the set with APP or with Homeit Pad.
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Homeit Pad

Homeit Pad

The Homeit Pad keyboard allows the owner or manager of the local housing create individual access keys remotely. Are security codes 5 digit, unique to each guest and stay or employees to access the property.
Entrance and exit, as well as the key access number used, They are registered by the system and are available through the online platform.
The Homeit Pad keyboard was created thinking about the best use for the manager and for guest accommodation site.
  • unique access keys remotely created by the manager.
  • access keys expire after stay.
  • state Encryption.
  • Bluetooth – or Homeit Pad Conecta-if a Homeit Box Bluetooth.
  • Wireless – has no cables, runs on batteries (included) lasting over 1 year.
  • It can be glued to the wall with adhesive tape professional (included).
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